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Traveling with a baby is no easy task. When I tell people that I don’t hesitate to take my baby along for our trips they seem to freak out a bit. My baby isn’t the easiest, most laid-back baby in the world, either. We are trying to get her accustomed to new people and new places all of the time. We think of the difficult times as important ones. But that doesn’t mean that we don’t try to travel smart.

If money were of no consequence, I would easily be able to rack up thousands of dollars of baby gear without thinking twice because a) it ain’t cheap and b) it is easier for me to buy for baby than for myself. After some careful research, and after some testing, this is the stuff to bring on trips with baby:

Tom Bihn travel bags  Tom Bihn makes some of the smartest travel systems I have ever seen. I have spent hour after hour researching the best carrier vs roller bag  and diaper/luggage travel system for me and my baby. The easiest options are here. They are durable, compact, and have simple storage for all kinds of baby needs. The Tri-Star is my favorite because of size and versatility. It is able to be worn as a backpack, a satchel, or carried like a duffle. The compartments are easy to clean and store things big and small. It is a “cabin bag” so its dimensions were tailored for flying. As a mom, I like the way you can wear your baby in front and your luggage as a backpack. It is also stylish with tons of colors to pick from. I’m into it.

Tri Star photo from Tom Bihn

Ergobaby 360 Carrier    This is the carrier that I see most when I am out and about. I really like my Baby Bjorn carrier, but this Ergo is a notch above. It is lightweight so that babies don’t burn up on hot summer days,  it is easy to put on and take off,  and you can wear it in 6 different ways. Mom’s agree through their consumption…this carrier is a travel must.

Ergo 360 for 159.00 on Amazon

Depending on your destination you might want to forgo a stroller. Some places don’t have even sidewalks, others are pure rugged terrain. It is your choice. Airlines allow you to take a stroller at no cost when traveling and so it can be handy and cheap. The Indie 4 Bumbleride Stroller is a really good option. When I think of the ideal stroller, I am looking for a durable, light, and compact unit. I also want it to be easy to fold without a lot of fussing. This one is awesome. It’s 22 lbs and folds in one easy motion. Once folded, it is small and could be tucked away in a car or pass through security at an airport. It is ideal for going through markets or small spaces as well. The thing is…it’s not cheap. BUT it comes with a bunch of goodies, like a clip for a car seat, a baby bassinet (that can be used for sleeping while away from home) and other stuff. GET IT IF YOU CAN. It’s not quite a Bugaboo. But it is still good!

Bumbleride StrollerOn my trip to IKEA this past week, I was looking for a cool night light for when I have to go in and change Anouk’s diaper in the middle of the night. What I found is so handy that I would take it everywhere we go. It is the SPOKA LED night light. It plugs into a wall to charge and runs on battery for 4-5 hours. You can take it in the car or plane, or hotel room. What caught my eye is that it changes into cool colors from its white glow or it can lock on one color that you prefer. It has a soft silicone cover that my baby loves to grab and hold onto.

SPOKA LED from IKEA 14.99

This high-chair from Phil&Ted is light, compact, and a lifesaver if your baby can’t sit still. It connects to surfaces, cleans up nicely, and straps your baby down. I know there are some moms out there who don’t need this, but my squirrely girl can be hard to control when she has her eye on food that she wants. High chairs and Bumbo seats are a must in our household. This P&T product is awesome. I love how easily to attaches to a sturdy counter and how easy it is to tool around with.

phil&teds high chair Amazon 89.99Some moms choose to forego a crib when they travel. Sometimes it pays off. You can often get one at your hotel or a rental business in the location to which you are traveling. If space isn’t a problem, a traveling crib is a nice system to help your baby and you to feel safe and relax. This  Baby Bjorn Travel Crib is easy to put up and take down, and it’s easy to carry. It fits into a travel bag with straps so that you can go hands-free…serious help when you’ve got kiddies on the loose.

BABYBJORN travel crib AmazonIs there something that you wouldn’t leave the house without? Comment and let me know!

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2 thoughts on “wishlist: traveling mom

  1. we travel with both of our boys 300+ days a year! I never leave home without my ERGO or my Girasol woven wrap. With both of those I can wear both my 3 year old as well as my 10 month old.
    Also I use blueberry wet bags for a LOT. They work great as a snack bag, a diaper/clothing change bag and everything else!.

    1. My Oh My! You are a pro! Those woven wraps are awesome, aren’t they? For me, I just stuff it with my wallet and passport or whatever I need to keep at the ready. I just looked into those blueberry bags. Those are awesome!
      Thanks for the comment, Sara! Fun to see into yourlife on blogspot, too!

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