wishlist: baby shower, registering like a boss

When I was getting married and threw a bridal shower, I wanted to skip the whole registry thing… in fact, I sort of did… (can you say build-a-bar?) I felt like I was committing to way more than I wanted to when I walked into a store and they gave me a scanning gun. But with my baby shower, it felt different. I felt like I had to nail it, because, after all, it was for the baby.

You can go online and see SO much baby crap gear and think that you need it all. You definitely don’t. There are things that I wish I had known to add to my registry, and there are things I could have gone without. This is what I learned.

  1. Amazon is an awesome place for registering. DO IT.

2. Baby monitors are pretty cool. And they aren’t anything like they used to be. This one had my husband raving. (He can see our baby from the cockpit on his iPhone) It operates without needing WiFi  and the picture is really clear! You can get this one here.



3. Bumbo seats are AMAZE-balls. They keep your kid strapped in, busy, and sitting up so that you can get crap stuff done. They strap to chairs or can sit on counters, and my baby likes to hang out in there to watch me do my thing. I LOVE IT.


4. Strollers are a must. Jury is still out on this one for me. I bought a jogger that works great, but is too big to travel with. BUT one thing that is super rad if you have more than one kid is this little guy. Strollers can tow your toddler along with a skateboard contraption to make sure they stay with you and at your speed. Genius!


5. The carrier is really important. I can tell you that I have 3 different styles, but use them all. My favorite one above all is this one for hiking. I could carry my baby all day with this one without my back feeling it. It is also awesome for travel because it collapses. I am a huge fan!




6. Above all, DON’T WORRY IF YOU MISSED SOMETHING! Mom’s are smart and generous people. I simply go onto Facebook and see what my neighborhood kidscycle has up for grabs.


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  1. As soon as I noticed this site I went on reddit to share some of the love with them.

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