weighing risk and reward we decided to buy a house!

I am pretty sure that I have never wanted to hashtag as hard as I want to hashtag right now…#adulting.

As some of you may know, we have been on the market for a house for a little over a year now. We have been looking seriously for at least 6 months. Milwaukee is a strange animal when it comes to real-estate. So many divisions exist here. We are a mix of big and small, rural and city, black and white, rich and poor. Those divisions are so pregnant, with recent news in Milwaukee, that buying here feels both important and risky. Important because I love this city and I want it to thrive by investing in it,  risky in that the tensions here are so volatile it’s hard to imagine the city thriving in the near future.

Jay and I looked all over the city. We knew that proximity to our work was important. That was about it. And even then, we were pretty open…So with pretty much nothing in mind, we started looking for the “kind” of home we wanted…

….and we went with a cute colonial. Take a look! It has bright red shutters, right up  my alley. It’s also got that toned down earthy color Jay loves. It’s our perfect mix because it’s in an established neighborhood (for me) on a not-too-busy street(for Jay) near a busy street (both of use). Just our speed.home


You can look forward to posts about how our move is coming along and plans for decoration and renovation. We are so thrilled to have found this house! Now we are going to be able to grow our family and gain some perspective as homeowners. I’m elated that our kids are going to have an address to memorize, a staircase to race up, and a backyard to adventure in…we are so lucky….

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