life with a thriving baby: it just keeps getting better

We haven’t been sleeping much lately. Our family gets sick more than most. Because Jay spends a good amount of time in airplanes and airports, he picks up germs like crazy. Our baby, Anouk, also spends time with other kids during our work day, and I am in a building with 250 other parents. It’s like…we are never at 100 percent. But the thing is, that even though we are sick, and even though that makes taking care of baby a lot more difficult, we realized that it just keeps getting better. We literally say to one another… every single day…” how cute is she” or “she’s the best, right?” And we are no different from everyone else. How cool is that? baby

There are  a few girlfriends of mine who were pregnant when I was. We took swimming classes to get through pregnancy with each other. We did a lot of bonding over our body changes and once our little one’s were born, we bonded over all of these cute babies that are going to be friends. They, too, are feeling what I am. This uncontrollable desire to take in the beauty of motherhood, and to tell the world BABIES ARE SO RAD!

My little girls is 10 months. She is going through a sleep regression that wakes her up more at night than when she was a newborn. She has 7 teeth. She is walking around when she holds on to furniture. She still thinks that sneezes are the crazy-funniest thing in the world. She is not exceptional…except that I think she is. She cannot help but want to touch her head and stare into the eyes of every person (or stuffed animal) she meets. It just tugs at my

Jay and I talk about having more kids. We wonder what the right timing is for the next one. And you know, even after this whirlwind with the colic, and the sleepless nights, we still want to do it again. That is a really wondrous thing.

I look forward to seeing who she becomes in 1 year. In 5 years. Especially in 20 years. I think we are going to go for another one. baby

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