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how to budget for baby because you don’t have to break the bank

Marvel and Share!!!!!! When I was pregnant, I literally didn’t even know where to start with baby stuff. But I was lucky, my sister was pregnant with her third and about to pop when I told everyone I was expecting. She is a smart girl and she told me a lot about the learning curve. […]

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wishlist: bridal shower, registering like a boss

Marvel and Share!!!!!!Bridal showers are getting real cray, I hear. I talk to my friends in their early twenties about whats going on, and they are all “had to go buy my friend underwear for her bachelorette party last night…ugh” and I’m all “What in the H are you talking about?” and then they are […]

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baby shower

wishlist: baby shower, registering like a boss

Marvel and Share!!!!!!When I was getting married and threw a bridal shower, I wanted to skip the whole registry thing… in fact, I sort of did… (can you say build-a-bar?) I felt like I was committing to way more than I wanted to when I walked into a store and they gave me a scanning […]

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