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3 breast pump hacks from a working mom + extras!

FacebookPinterestRedditTwitterLinkedinemail Marvel and Share!!!!!!I recently received an email from a woman named Jill who had read my post “5 pumping tips for the back-to-work mom” and she had some more questions. They were so good that I actually got the same questions from a couple of other mommies (and mommy-to-be’s). Hi Emily! My name is […]

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5 pumping tips for the back-to-work mom

FacebookPinterestRedditTwitterLinkedinemail Marvel and Share!!!!!!Pumping is one of the weirdest things I have ever done. It is such a strange thing to “milk yourself” in a windowless office between meetings or next door to the HR person’s office.  Mothers’ milk is one of the best things on the planet, so it is worth feeling a little […]

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