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love to a dear girl…

FacebookPinterestRedditTwitterLinkedinemail Marvel and Share!!!!!!I was a lucky baby, and am still a lucky woman. When I was born, I still had great grandparents around to love me. I continue to love and be loved by all four of my grandparents today, who have all had the opportunity to see me have my own little child, […]

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newborn baby: week three

FacebookPinterestRedditTwitterLinkedinemail Marvel and Share!!!!!!Look what you have survived! Look at what your NEWBORN has survived! Once you figure out those basics, you can start to gain a little confidence in how YOU are going to parent. This is the period of time, starting now, that people will drop their knowledge on you…maybe in a pushy […]

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appreciating the kids that aren’t your own

FacebookPinterestRedditTwitterLinkedinemail Marvel and Share!!!!!!Something JUST dawned on me. It really did. I went from being an “aunt” to a “mother.” It’s like “big deal” right? But to me… it is. Before I had a kiddo of my own, I was an aunt, and a pretty cool one, too. I had tons of time to plug […]

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