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marriage: keeping my heart in it

FacebookPinterestRedditTwitterLinkedinemail Marvel and Share!!!!!!When Jay and I first met, I had gotten really good at protecting my heart. I was 28 years old and had gone through the wringer with ex boyfriends. They were all “normal” guys, they just happened to love jack and cokes and lewd computer videos more than me. Always a deal-breaker. […]

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we are always getting ready to live but never living

FacebookPinterestRedditTwitterLinkedinemail Marvel and Share!!!!!!Lately I have been tired. Really tired. My husband (bless his heart) is gone a lot of nights. And the nights he is home, I still don’t sleep much. Anouk was born almost 9 months ago and still doesn’t sleep through the night without waking to eat a few times. By the […]

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