wishlist: traveling mom

FacebookPinterestRedditTwitterLinkedinemail Marvel and Share!!!!!!Traveling with a baby is no easy task. When I tell people that I don’t hesitate to take my baby along for our trips they seem to freak out a bit. My baby isn’t the easiest, most laid-back baby in the world, either. We are trying to get her accustomed to new […]

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a girl travels the world in search…

FacebookPinterestRedditTwitterLinkedinemail Marvel and Share!!!!!!My husband, God bless him, is a ham. He says things wholeheartedly without realizing they are clichés. He loves Truly, Madly, Deeply by Savage Garden more today than he did in 2001. He says sweet nothings to lay it on thick in front of my mom to get a laugh. Heck, he’s […]

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nursery on the cheap: decorating a cozy space for less

FacebookPinterestRedditTwitterLinkedinemail Marvel and Share!!!!!!Our nursery is tiny. Really really tiny. A “cozy” nursery. Jay and I have been in the market for a house for a while now, and haven’t had any luck finding the “right” home for us. In the meantime, we have been renting a sweet little house in our favorite neighborhood. It […]

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