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food isn’t love: how looking at food changes us

FacebookPinterestRedditTwitterLinkedinemail Marvel and Share!!!!!!There is a movement. One that I really really like. In fact, I have the T-shirt. It is a movement called PornKillsLove. You can read all about it here. There is all this research about it. About porn. And what it does to us personally, and our society at large. I like […]

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a little bit of heaven- new orleans

FacebookPinterestRedditTwitterLinkedinemail Marvel and Share!!!!!!I love New Orleans. I love it like I love pizza, jammies, wine, and Rectify. I love New Orleans like I love that cute pink dress that fits just right. I love New Orleans like my high school  crush  mixed with my husband, mixed with Ryan Gosling. I just love it. It’s new, […]

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5 tips for saving money on your wedding

FacebookPinterestRedditTwitterLinkedinemail Marvel and Share!!!!!!Wedding season is upon us! Is it just me, or does it seem like everyone is getting married this summer? A good friend of mine, Cait, was just engaged and is deep into planning. I don’t know about you,but now that I have done one, I just want to help my friends […]

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flashback: thailand a tourist paradise

FacebookPinterestRedditTwitterLinkedinemail Marvel and Share!!!!!!Jay and I were married a little over 2 years ago, and time has absolutely flown. With wedding season upon us, honeymoon pictures are all over my Facebook feed. It is such a pleasure to look at these pictures from my desk (shhhh! don’t tell my boss!) and imagine what it’s like […]

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