style at your fingertips; jamberry comes though

So let’s talk Jamberry. Anyone else go on Facebook to find they are invited to another friend’s legging party or nail party and think to themselves, “I don’t go on Facebook to shop?” It honestly is one of the only places on the internet where I am not likely to buy something, and I (and my husband) wanted to keep it that way….

Until I got a message from an old friend, Sara. She and I went way back to a fun summer job in college. It’s been a long time, so I was surprised to see her message pop up. She wanted to know if I wanted to try out some Jamberry’s. I thought about telling her about all of the Jamberry parties I don’t “go to” but instead, I thought “I’ll give it a shot.”

I should give a couple of disclaimers here, for the sake of honesty and transparency. 1. I am really bad at nail polish. 2. I am too cheap to get my nails done regularly. 3. I am bad at arts and crafts (Sara knows this from our days working at a summer camp.) 4. I am about as patient as a pug on a leash looking at a treat.

So Sara did me a solid, she sent some up for me to test out. It took me about 20 minutes from opening up the package to having my nails “did.” That is pretty cool.

So take a look. The goodies.



Instructions are super simple.


It comes with everything you need minus a hair dryer and some scissors.



So as you can see, my nails are nothing to write home about.





When you apply them, they just stick on the nail, then you cut it shorter and file for the perfect nail.



I get it now… I really do. Wore this set to my best friend’s wedding, and they were so easy for that BIG occasion. I think that’s really what is so cool about them. They are hassle-free and they are cuter than what you can get at a salon or do yourself at home (unless you are an amazing nail artist). There is so much personality and they look top-notch.

It’s like, “How did they know know I love a good coffee in the morning with a set of nice looking nails?” I didn’t even know it about myself…scary….


So to recap:

  1. Cheaper than going to a nail salon
  2. Faster than going to a nail salon
  3. Cuter than going to a nail salon
  4. You can support your friends!
  5. You can look posh without a ton of work!


So if you have questions? I know my girl Sara can help you! Questions about styles, application, even working for them! She is your girl. Check out her site here!





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    1. Yes! Shoot me an email @ I look forward to hearing from you!

  5. Which jams are those? I love them.

    1. Blushing Floral! So cute!

  6. Emily! You are amazing! Thank you for being my friend and supporting me! I am so glad you loved them!

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