the one where you switch best friends

It used to be Chandler. Teenage version of Emily loved Chandler, the self-deprecating, can’t find love, unlucky in everything, processor? He was charming, funny, and you just wanted to pull for him.

I, like all of the rest of my friends, have been re-watching  Friends on America’s most-watched streaming service. It has been 15 years since I had seen it, and I decided to start watching it while I was feeding Anouk, or cleaning while the girl naps. It is SO WEIRD… but something has changed. Well a lot has. I am no longer a tween, I am a 30 something wife, mother, and gainfully employed adult. I am one of them…..Chenandelor Bong

Weirder than the fact that I have grown up? I now….get…..Joey. He’s the one that cracks me up until I cry. He is the one that makes me laugh. The guy. The unsophisticated, dates-girls-like-a-pig, macho dude…. is my favorite friend. And it shocks me.

He just gets funnier and funnier. Anyway. I thought I would write this today…the day that Matt LeBlanc turned 49. Happy birthday Joey. Thanks for being there…but NOT like you’ve been there before….friends-cast-season-6-promos-zoom-51dd49f9-1ca8-43ba-a039-8cdf1dd6ef8a

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