newborn baby: week two and going strong

Your are starting to get the hang of things. You haven’t killed your newborn baby, and you know how to change her diaper in the dark. WAY TO GO! The same things that you were just picking up on in Week 1 continue. You are feeding the baby, changing the baby, and putting the baby down to sleep. All good. newborn

Week two is about you. More is going on with your body than with baby’s body, so there is a balance you are going to have to strike. *Warning: the following content is pretty gross but real. Read on if you don’t want any surprises. If you want to stay oblivious to this stuff google “unicorn poop”… it is fun.newborn

  1. There will be blood. You have just birthed a small miracle through a much smaller hole. It means you will be sore, you will bleed, and you may have had a tear. Witch hazel is your best friend. If you haven’t already gotten some from the drugstore, now is the time to make someone else grab the 99 cent bottle of clear liquid and some cotton balls. You generally just want to stay clean down there, so soaking is good. Icing is also good. And witch haze-ling is straight heaven. Also read this.
  2. I hope you stole everything that the hospital had at your disposal. I really really hope you did. When I was getting ready to leave, the nurse gave me the low-down. She said “you can grab everything except for what is in this drawer.” So I did. All of those disposable pairs of underwear. I grabbed them. The pads. I grabbed those too. Wipes, diapers, swabs. I grabbed everything. It all came in handy for week two when I got over the fact that the baby might die and started to worry about whether I might…. Pads, underwear, witch-hazel.
  3. Bathing the baby is something you have to do. People have all different methods, but I just kept it simple. You don’t have to bathe babies, or little children a ton. Twice a week is good. And you don’t need shampoos and body washes either. They just don’t get that dirty. I bought one of these baby seats that fits right in a sink and used that. I used the infant baby bath tub that the hospital gave us  to fill with safe warm water. I simply got her all wet and then dried her off. Easy as pie.
  4. baby batherKiss your partner every once in a while. For me, it was the last thing I thought about. I was worrying about so much, and was honestly not even paying much attention to myself or Jay. He loves affection, which I was giving to the baby, and therefore, there was a little discontent. It is so important to find balance here, and it’s not easy. But try not to substitute the affection you give. Families need affection and love spread around evenly.
  5. Take time to think about what you are missing. This IS SO VALUABLE. I feel like I have been trying to REMEMBER who I was prior to having a baby because I totally lost touch with that person. Don’t do this. Try to remember yourself. Try to be that person, too. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t trying to run around town getting crazy like I used to, but I had a hard time remembering how I spent my free time and my money…because it all started to go to the rest of the family first. The exercise was important for me, recently. I wanted to get part of myself back, but had a difficult time remembering who it was…even though I liked her. So I jogged my memory. I remembered that I liked going for runs, getting wine with friends, and making cheese plates for my husband. Those simple things seemed so far away not too long ago. Keep them close!
  6.  TAKE TONS OF PICTURES. You baby is going to change so much over the course of the next few months. Take pictures because it will be hard to remember!

What about you? What did you do in Week 2 that you could help other women (and men) get ready for their baby?

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