new year for new resolutions

I really admire my husband. There is probably no one that knows him who could possibly say that he doesn’t follow through. He has goals in his mind, and he always accomplishes them. ALWAYS. He has a stick-to-it-iveness that I respect and admire.


I think the thing that works for him is method. Everyday that he looks at his computer (which is most days) he sees a reminder note that has 3 short-term goals listed, and 3 longer term goals. Since he and I have been together, I have seen this list accomplished and modified, one by one. The constant reminder of what he is working toward is what helps him. He has drive. And he loves to tick things off the list.

I am not like him at all. My Myers Briggs profile tells it all if you know much about it. I am a campaigner. I think things. I conceive of ideas but am less bothered with follow-though. If I used the same strategy that he invokes, my screen would be COVERED top to bottom with ideas of goals, none more or less important. I am sure that my brain could barely conceive of the idea of a “long” or “short”-term, due to over-thinking.

Next year, I want to keep it as simple as he does. I need to come up with goals that matter to me but that can’t be derailed by over-thinking or practical problems. I need to think about how he manages hiccups, roadblocks, and long-term focus.

This next year, I want to be a better student of what he does well.


My new years resolutions for 2017

Short term

-Build a compost

-Post 3 blog articles a week

-Plan 2 vacations and take them

Long term

-Waste less

-Read a book front to back every month

-Increase my blog readership by 500%


Hopefully much of what I learn about him will translate and by this time next year, I will wonder about the woman who wrote this post!



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