milwaukee’s natural beauty: getting outside

In winter time, people often lament that there is nothing to do in Milwaukee except for grab a drink and try to stay warm. And then summer comes, and they think the same thing… It is an honest shame. This city was known as the “good land” by its population when it was named Millioke. It is beautiful. It is truly good.

Last week, our little family took a trip down the shore to Grant Park to visit the Seven Bridges trail. It is well-known to people who make it around the County and State Park circuit, but unknown to many who rarely leave the confines of four walls.

IT IS BEAUTIFUL. Not a hiking trail, more a simple path, it is easy for just about anyone to enjoy. Trees are pretty. Paths are pretty. The stream that flows into Lake Michigan is pretty. But the beach there is exceptional. You could honestly think you are in the Caribbean. We are so lucky for this place.

Grant Park has tons. There’s golf, actually hiking trails, and scenic views of the lake from Cliffs over Lake Michigan. We visited the beer garden that day where Sprecher beer was on tap. People were out and about enjoying just one of the cool places in the city.

Check it out. Take your wedding pictures there. Go for a walk with your love there. Take a date there. Just be outdoors where people were intended to take in the good land. It does the body and soul good.

Near the Trailhead at Grant Park- Seven Bridges
Near the Trailhead at Grant Park- Seven Bridges
Milwaukee has pristine beaches, turns out!
Milwaukee has pristine beaches, turns out!

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