love to a dear girl…

A letter from Grandma Gusty

I was a lucky baby, and am still a lucky woman. When I was born, I still had great grandparents around to love me. I continue to love and be loved by all four of my grandparents today, who have all had the opportunity to see me have my own little child, a great-grandchild for them. I do not take this for granted.

Increasingly, I am struck by this desire to save things of mine to pass along to my future grandchildren. I have diaries that I hesitate to throw away thinking that maybe a grandchild, or great-grandchild might really enjoy the reading the adventures of their old ma. I wonder often how to sort out the important stuff from the junk. I really do.

The last time I went to Minnesota to visit my mother’s parents they wanted me to take a lot of their things with me. My grandma said “I won’t need it in heaven.” It is really difficult to even imagine life without my grandparents around. I certainly don’t want their things NOW because I want for them to have their things made useful to THEM in their LIVES NOW. It is a fantasy to think they will live forever, but oddly, taking linens, a decorations that I adored as a child almost feels like I am saying goodbye to them now. I am not ready for it.

It got me thinking about the weeks before I was married a couple of years ago. My mom was in a scramble looking for a box that she had diligently kept for my wedding day. This box contained the “something olds” I was to have with my when I walked down the aisle. I was surprised to see this gift intact and so particularly mine. As though Grandma Gusty knew who I would become one day. I do cherish this box. I love it dearly.

Today I think about how the past can be piled on the present and the future. How all of the things we own, or choose to give away can have so much meaning packed right in. Today I am thankful for my grandparents and for my great-grandparents. I am grateful that I daughter has hers, too. All of them. That they send their love to a dear girl.

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