when your girl looks like Vizzini in The Princess Bride

When she first popped out of the oven… I wasn’t convinced. Friends and family would say “SHE’S SO CUTE!” and I would secretly think about all the not-so-cute babies’ mothers I had lied to over the years.

She is the apple of my eye. The most adorable human I have ever seen. It’s the way things work. I have spent nine months loving her day and night, working for her, dreaming for her future. She is mine. It took about 6 weeks for me to see her as a real entity. This to say it took me longer than a lot of people around me. I knew I loved her, I knew I wanted her… I just didn’t feel like I knew her….

I would wonder who she was,  and where did she come from. I would think about all of the moments that led to now… and whisper in the back of my mind…”inconceivable!”

Anouk and Vizzini
Anouk and Vizzini
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