july 4 style- get your baby on fleek this holiday weekend


Some people are planners. Some people look forward to holidays because they have the cutest outfit already picked out.  Some people are just good at adulting. I have never been one of those. BUT hey! Sometimes it pays off big.

As you may know, the Fourth of July weekend in the States is a huge discount shopping weekend. It’s the last point in summer before the Back-to-school season that you can expect to find good discounts on clothes. Summer sales abound, especially all of the stuff that says “red, white, and cute.” To help out all of my friends (and friends-to-be) who haven’t got the time, or just plain forgot, I have checked out the sales and found some cute clothes. YOU ARE WELCOME.


Old navy dress your girl – This Old Navy dress is only $9.99 and you can find it in sizes from newborn up to 24 months. Pair it with cute sandals (also from Old Navy).

T-Strap Espardrilles for Baby 5.99Printed Hi-Lo tank dress for baby- 9.99
For your cute little baby boy, check out this awesome Gap boys graphic sweatshirt. (12.99). To literally cheese out the look, add these Pull-on boys shorts  (9.99)(also from the Gap) and for about $20, your kid will look like Independence Day exploded all over him!

Gap Firework graphic sweatshirt 12.99.PNGPull-on Print shorts. 9.99.PNG


For your itty bitty tiny ones, the first Fourth of July is the opportunity to dress them cute for the whole weekend. Carters has a really good set of weekend gear for 16.99.


Carters set 16.99 Girls

And for baby boy, does it get any cuter than a Baby boy romper?  I literally cannot think of a cuter outfit for a tiny little boy. GO AND GET IT. It’s only $13.99 at OskKosh B’gosh.

Baby boy romper 13.99

Enjoy your weekends with family and friends! Make sure you stay safe and real cute!


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girl knows how to work the camera


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