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Last Friday, a friend and colleague offered up tickets to a pre-season Green Bay Packers game. Where I am from, you just don’t turn something like that down. Some people might say “it’s only the pre-season, that game doesn’t matter” but here in Wisconsin, Lambeau Field is not to be missed for any reason. The weather seemed bleak  that afternoon, and it would be pushing it to even make the game after the end of my workday. I threw the idea around in my head but then thought “What the heck, why not?” Here’s the thing. It was a 7 pm game about 2 and a half hours from home. And we have a baby. We wondered if Lambeau Field was really a kid friendly environment.

There are some people who would ask “Is a pro football night game really a place for a baby to be? This is something I asked myself (and my husband) and we decided YES! And I am SO GLAD that we decided to take her. It was a blast!

Here are some pictures from the game!

Jay and Anouk at Lambeau Field
Jay and Anouk at Lambeau Field
Jay and Anouk in the stadium
Jay and Anouk in the stadium
The family enjoying our tickets
The family enjoying our tickets

Anouk having a grand time cheering on the Pack!

Our past experiences at Lambeau taught us that it can be REALLY LOUD and there can be some wild characters, so while we were weighing the option of taking her, we certainly took that into account. We also looked online to see what their policy was regarding babies. We are not fools, we know that Packer games mean hard partying and rambunctious fans, but we also know that Packer fans are people like us, who like football, family, and good food! So we took the leap! Our Lambeau Leap!

The fans really loved Anouk. At one point, honest to God, she had the kids (4 kids under 10) sitting behind us chanting “Go Pack Go” at HER not the team…for over 5 minutes. Other fans were getting a real chuckle out of it! People were stopping by to tickle her tows and she loved the people watching. No one even batted an eye over taking her, in fact, on that Friday night, the stands were FILLED with kids and families enjoying our favorite team.

There are just a couple of things I would keep in mind when judging the environment for kids:

  1. Some places try to deter taking babies. This can be a good sign that you probably ought not bring them. Consider why they might be deterring you.  Lambeau Field does not have free entry for babies. They need their own ticket. I understand this, as the seats are grand stands and there is not a lot of room for babies to be. BUT if you do buy a ticket for the baby, they have a great time!
  2. If you are going to a place that is outdoors, dress the baby appropriately for the weather. There was rain that was forecasted and we were expecting that we might have to leave. We were putting the needs of our baby first, and accommodating appropriately. Baby first, Packers second. NO MATTER WHAT. DUH.
  3. Use your instincts. This is my advise about travel, too. If you get a feeling that you aren’t doing the right thing, don’t do it. Trying to talk yourself into going somewhere against your gut will leave you feeling anxious. So make sure you are making the mature choice.

I love the culture in Wisconsin. We are friendly and family oriented. We can be pretty die-hard, too. If you are considering taking your baby and kids to a Packer game, I certainly do recommend it when the weather is mild.

Go Pack Go!

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