month-to-month pictures: pregnancy and newborn

I have learned a lot from taking these pictures. I see what other moms have done, how they have mastered the process, and how I have left some room for improvements. There are some tricks that I have learned along the way so that mom’s won’t make the same mistakes that I have. These rules apply for taking pictures month-to-month in pregnancy AND newborn-to-first-year!

  1. Try to take the picture in the exact same place in your house. If you are taking belly pictures, take them in the same mirror in the same room of your house. Not only does it help with perspective, it makes for nice consistency. When you are taking photos of your baby, take the pictures against the same backdrop. This way, you can tell how much the baby has grown over time against the background. Unfortunately, for one of my daughter’s pictures, she already fell asleep for the night when I got home from work to take the picture. So she is not against the same rug that I had used.1-8 months
  2. If you are taking pictures with milestone markers (like stickers or blocks), try to place them in a way that they are easy to read and very close to the baby.  If you are taking pregnancy photos, there are apps that keep track of the weeks for you so that you can have the milestone listed in the corner.
  3. Use a toy or some other prop against the body to  emphasize growth. Perspective  can be lost in pictures, especially if you are taking them from various distances. A prop can help show how much you or your baby has grown, and it can also be a fun way to integrate a favorite toy into your picture history.
  4. Lighting can be really important. If you have the lifestyle, try to take pictures during the same time of day or night. Your pictures will look so cute and they will draw attention to the size than to other details like shadows or shine..
  5.  Try to remember to do them at all! It is so easy to forget. If you are the kind of person who needs a reminder on a calendar, put it in there. If you are a magical unicorn, you remember everything and nail every picture, every time!  I have had a couple of close calls…but gotten them all done on the 13th. If this project really matters to you, do what you have to. If it’s just sort of for fun….then don’t worry too much about it!9 month

6. Download the Layout App. It is free. You are able to compile the photo group as it grows and see your baby’s growth in one picture compilation. Here are the first 5 months of my baby. I love how it looks!

5 months

I am so glad I took these milestone pictures. It is hard to remember all of the changes because they happen so fast! It’s a no-brainer and I really hope my girl appreciates them when she is older!

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