how to get holiday cards in the mail: a guide for millennials

We are heading full steam into the holiday season. Whether you love Halloween or New Years, or every one in between, it is a great time to share updates with family and friends in the old school way.

We live in a society where we rarely use snail mail anymore. We send digital invites, make photo albums online, and rarely use the phone to talk to one another. What a great time to flip the whole “millennial” stereotype on its head an show the old folks a thing or two about holiday cards.

Now I am just learning. I have received holiday letters for years now, but am just starting to understand the value of them. There are people who we love and who love us who love to show others their family and friends. They like to put these pictures up on fridges. I get it. In fact, I wish I had more pictures of people I love up in my house. (I gotta get on that…)

It’s a simple process, really. But it’s all about the timing.

  1. Find a cheap and pretty card design. You can go to a website like Vistaprint, Shutterfly, TinyPrints, or whatever website has a simple Upload feature. There are tons of designs to choose from. Pick the price you are looking for. You can go all black and white, full color, matte, gloss. Each option often has a different cost attached.


        2. Pick your holiday. It doesn’t have to be Christmas! I have friends that think Halloween is the bees knees. And who doesn’t love getting a card in the post unexpectedly. If Easter does it for you, cool! April Fools? Great. Pick a day that you love.calendar


       3. Get a list together of addresses. If you were married, it could be really easy to just grab that list and send it out to your family and friends using that data. Otherwise, ask mom or dad for their lists. It’s about time you figured this stuff out anyway, right?

       4. Go on Pinterest. Look up “Cute picture ideas” or and the holiday. ex. Cute picture ideas Hanukkah. Pick one that you love.

holiday cards


5. Take that picture in the highest resolution you possibly can.

6. Upload and create card. Using the easy drag and drop method, upload the picture into your favorite template on desired site.


holiday cards


       7. Find coupon codes. They are always on these sites, and they really add up. Retailmenot and Honey are really good places to start!

holiday cards


       8. Wait for them to arrive.

       9. Address them.

      10. Post them.

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