where to get a good deal on halloween costumes for your kid

I remember when there were just a handful of stores to try to track down a Halloween costume. Before the internet, you were basically stuck with whatever selection a store “had left.” Getting there early was key, and finding a good store to start with wasn’t an easy task. Today, the world is a lot different. (I’m not even that old!) You can buy handmade for reasonable prices, you can buy at discount stores, and you can go high-end. It’s all about how much money you want to spend. I looked online for some great costumes that don’t hurt your finances. Take a look at what I found.

Newborn: Etsy has the market when it comes to newborn costumes. How can you not put your baby into a crocheted mermaid costume when she is just an itty bitty baby? Of course, these are not mass-produced, so in order to get them in time, one needs to order soon. I especially like GuGaGii,you can find a ton of newborn options in that shop without breaking the bank!




Baby: It is hard to know what is an appropriate price point for a costume for a little baby. Some people go all out, others think that they will do a little DIY (often spending more). I think about how I can get a costume that will be able to be passed along, either to my friend’s kids, or possibly another one of my own. I am not thinking about true durability, but I don’t want something so flimsy that I shouldn’t even bother. Party City seems to be a good place to check out costumes for babies. The price hangs out right around $30 no matter what you are thinking of getting. Here are a few of my favorites:




Toddler: This range of costumes really varies. From Kohls to Target, or Halloween Express, toddler costumes are really “you get what you pay for.” When buying online, it is especially important to read the reviews because they can be flimsy or see-through. Also, take into consideration that it could be chilly on Halloween, so you might want something fleece-lined.



Boys: Kohls has really stepped up their game with costumes this year. And they happen to be running a big sale right now. I saw some of these and literally laughed out loud. Prices vary, and as always, reviews are really helpful when it comes to Kohls merchandise. Check out what I found!





Girls: It seems to me that girls and action hero costumes have come a long way. I remember the days of fairy and princess options but not being able to dress up like a power-player unless you dressed as Marcia Clark (YES I REALLY DID DRESS LIKE MARCIA CLARK FOR HALLOWEEN).  The price point seems to really hang out at 30 bucks for Target and Kohls. This seems like a great deal for how cute the costumes are!



Hope this gets you looking online for costume options. There are so many to pick from, and it’s hard not to want to buy them all! Happy shopping, I know that I am likely to buy multiples!

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