getting away at home: touring your backyard

One of my favorite words that seems to be a pretty recent phenomenon is “staycation.” It hasn’t been all that long that people have felt like staying home can be a sought after luxury. These days, I know that when I am home, I am usually trying to catch up on cleaning the bathtub, scrubbing floors, or going through my basement storage for some long-lost blazer I might have put into the “winter clothes” bin.
More and more, I am seeing my friends take intentional time out to be with their friends and family….at home. And I am into it.

We all wish we saw more of the people we love, and want to spend time with them. But I want to make a case for spending time with the CITY you live in.

A few years ago, I was thinking about Milwaukee as a destination. We don’t have the greatest reputation for tourism. It’s not because it’s a bad place to visit, it’s just not on many people’s radar screen. BUT IT SHOULD BE…including mine. While I was visiting Toronto with a friend, we resolved to treat home like a tourism destination, making sure to see the museums, landmarks, and eat at the restaurants our city is known for just as though we were visiting for the first time. And I have fallen more in love for this city than I ever expected.

Milwaukee is my home. Little Rock may be yours. Have you visited the tourist bureau to see what it offers? Have you looked online at what Thrillist might say about best local eateries? Do you have a favorite  local craft brewery?

Next time you are home,  make sure that you still plan to get away. Maybe just for a day… imagine that you don’t know how far you are from your house or workplace. Try to lose your bearings and dig right in.


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