food isn’t love: how looking at food changes us

There is a movement. One that I really really like. In fact, I have the T-shirt. It is a movement called PornKillsLove. You can read all about it here.

There is all this research about it. About porn. And what it does to us personally, and our society at large. I like the shirt a lot. I wear it proudly. I like the organization, too.
But that is NOT what I am here to talk about. I am here to talk about “food porn.” You know what I am talking about. Even if you don’t watch the smut yourself, you know it pops up in your Facebook feed. I recently “told” Facebook that I don’t want to see any anymore. When this image popped up in my feed, I told Facebook that “I don’t want to see anything like this” and POOF! It, and the tasty videos and the sloppy joes, and the brownies…were gone….ALL picture

It turns out there are statistics about this, too. Science is showing that it is causing us to gain weight. This means my butt… is getting bigger…. because of that picture of churros up there… NOT COOL.

“Max Planck researchers have demonstrated something scientifically for the first time that laypeople have always known: the mere sight of delicious food stimulates the appetite. A study on healthy young men has documented that the amount of the neurosecretory protein hormone ghrelin in the blood increases as a result of visual stimulation through images of food. As a main regulator, ghrelin controls both eating behaviour and the physical processes involved in food metabolism.”

t 2Now I am not crazy about my weight. But I’m not trying to put on any because those donuts on my computer look so good… I think about food less. I think about my -next-food-after-my -now-food less. And I feel more awake to what I actually DO eat……. That’s what I think….


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