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This week I have had gifts on the brain. It is wedding season, so it is also anniversary season. I have been wracking my brain trying to find the right gifts for family and friends. It has helped me stumble on some really cool kitsch! Take a look at my five things!

  1. Cityscape rings These are so cool! I am a big fan because I have been to many of these cities, and they really nail the look. Chicago, New York, Seattle, Hong Kong, New Orleans, LA, DC, Charleston. They are for the person who left their heart in San Francisco! LOVE.

2.  Portillo’s just made it to my neighborhood (Or work neighborhood anyway). IT IS SO GOOOOOOD. Chocolate shakes and dogs. YUM! Chicago, I get it… You know how to make a good dog.

five things

3. These Kids Tees!!!! I can’t tell if I would get this for a kid for the child’s sake or for the sake of my nostalgia.  It doesn’t really matter because they are the CUTEST KIDS SHIRTS ON EARTH.


4. Politics haven’t been as “fun” as they used to be. Remember the days when you could disagree and not hate each other? Well there is ONE way that I can think of where repping your party would be in style… with these!

five things
TOMS party shoes

Pick either Democratic Donkeys or Republican Elephants. And no matter which pair you opt for, TOMS donates a pair to children in need. YAAASSSS!

5. This is a cool idea for the man who is about to “say I DO.” He can have her heart…. beat….on his ring!

Did you see anything cool this week that you want to share? Comment below with the link!

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