five things August 27 – September 2, 2016

What a week. It’s hard to compile a list of five things this week because a legend died, a man from my hometown who changed the landscape of inter-racial comedy with Cleavon Hilton and Richard Pryor. It is hard to imagine something so beautifully funny and sensitive in today’s climate. We also saw the first flights to Cuba take off. So the week wasn’t all bad. Here is the notable stuff I …well…noticed.

  1. Viva la Cuba! The first flights took off and landed. Whooppie. Not it’s time to turn it into a little Miami. I absolutely need to make it down there before that! Cuba
  2. Colin Koepernick pretended to be a free-thinker (unfortunately). But while he was acting like a douche, my favorite quarterback was more assuredly not. Check out what we wore to the Packer Luncheon this week! I love it.

Aaron Rodgers

3. Is it sad that my #squadgoals would never include Taylor Swift and her posse of Aryan celebrities? No I didn’t think so. My squad, though, would consist of a bunch of little kids…. and I’m not sure what that says about me. I am also not sure about what it says that I have literally never been as cool as “Eleven” in this moment…in my whole life…

4. This is just a thing of beauty. There is nothing more really to say. Just wanted to spread it around. Talk about “pure imagination.” If the chocolate factory was a dress show…that would be it!


5. Just last weekend I was talking to my sisters kids (both under ten) and asked them what they wanted to do for the afternoon. They said that they wanted to watch a movie! Cool! I can do that! What movie do you want to watch? They could not agree so I  turned to them and offered up my favorite childhood classic “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.” They  both nixed that without a second thought.

I am in my thirties, so this is not a contemporary film for me either, but it was pure magic. I know most everyone felt that way, but I really wish I could have told Mr. Wilder what he meant to me. Gene Wilder passed away this week at 83. A Milwaukee native, I defended my hometown uttering his name as a genius who called it home, too. He was funny, charismatic, and honest. He was exceptional in the way that James Stewart was, he climbed through the television and planted himself right into my real life. And I can still feel that hug from the last scene of the movie. I’m glad I am not going to miss him, and I plan to watch his entire collection this weekend with my daughter. Girl is going to grow up loving Gene Wilder. I just know it!

Have a great labor day weekend, and please do tell every child under 15 to take some time out to watch a classic. It might give them the feelz, you just never know! Watching it could change their lives like it did mine!


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