five things August 12-19

This week, the five things I liked from August 12-19, 2016.

  1. Twitter was everything this week: Oreo reviews, Uncle Jesse’s Birthday, the Pot Brownie story, and Ryan Lochte being…well Ryan Lochte. SOOOO GOOOD.



2. The Met Gala theme for 2016 was “Manus x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology.” Zac Posen nailed it with this dress. It’s pretty much spectacular. It is Disney coming alive. Coolest high fashion I have ever seen. Zac Posen has had a working relationship with Claire Danes for years. She wears his clothes at events regularly. But this dress is the most beautiful and inventive dress yet. I was wondering when that Cinderella dress at the end of the movie was going to be real life. What a lucky girl.

3. In other news, the $400 million given to Iran as “leverage” for release of US hostages isn’t a ransom. Tehran calls it a ransom. The money was held contingent on US prisoner release. But no…it was very definitely not a ransom.

4. I was a big fan of the now defunct band the Civil Wars. Since they broke up, Joy Williams and John Paul White have stepped out into their own solo acts. JPW’s new music is soooooooo sooooo gooood. Joy brought a lightness to that band. She was ethereal, and maybe a little cooky. She put on the show. John Paul was the foundation though. His steel guitar boomed in their single “Barton Hollow” that helped get them famous. Now he writes for the same audience. The people who could feel the soul in his lyrics, and loved that gritty southern sound.

5. Back to school sales mean it’s the best time to buy (school) clothes! AE has a sale BOGO 1/2 off. YAAAAASSSSSS!!! Labor day is just around the corner. This is the apex of the sale season, but you can already find some good deals.

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