five things from august 20-26, 2016

This has been the week of sore throats, stuffy noses, and sleep regression in my household. It is a marvel that I am even awake right now. The only bright spots really keeping me going are these five things. Take a good look, because I am hoping these help you,too!

  1. The Wonder Weeks is a book and website that helped me make sense of the fact that I am getting up to feel and console my baby more now than when she was an infant. It is totally crazy. I have been keeping this book close whenever I see an abnormal amount of fussing or waking at night. It has been right EVERY SINGLE TIME. I don’t think there is anything in it to help me sleep more, but it’s nice to know that my baby isn’t like…a monster…or something. wonderweeks snapshot from website2. I have been getting migraines for my entire adult life. They usually hit me about 5-10 times a month, and they seem to come out of thin air. There is some new research that speculates that probiotics might be able to help people like me. I bought a pack for my daughter’s gut and am finding them helpful in staving off my chronic ailments. This brand was recommended by my doctor and I am really happy with them. Probiotics3. Speaking of staving…. The Staves are a great band from England that have been coming stateside an awful lot lately. AND WE ARE SO LUCKY FOR IT! I first found this band back in 2013 (this might be the coolest I have ever felt so let me have this for a sec) in a Youtube binge after finding another band called Lucius. They stole my heart.
  2. The Staves


Since then, they had a role in a film you can watch on Netflix called Austin to Boston and have received a lot of critical acclaim. My favorite song is “Winter Trees.” Promise me that this winter, when it snows on the first night, you will listen to this song.


4. It’s starting to feel like fall around here. For most of the women I know it means a shift in the style of clothes we wear and make-up we apply. This is Plum Velour from Revlon. This color is my jam for this fall.

five things

5. You may or may not have heard that it is National Dog Day. I am celebrating 11 years with this little dude. I love him. #finbarrisnotdrunk #finbarrmighthavehadastroke #bumroommate


five things

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