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This week’s news has made the world seem so very small. The Olympics have taken center stage, where stage right, Rio seems not to be benefiting from the games, Thailand has been hit by terrorism in what seems to be politically motivated terror, our presidential candidates continue to let us down through scandal and incompetence, and our press even worse…

It’s been hard to find a bright spot. Really hard. Even when I get home from a long day at work, it feels like the unrest around us is climbing right through our windows into our house to plop itself square in front of us…

BUT, there are some bright spots…there are. Here is what I have found!

1.BRIGHTSIDE: My husband has recently gotten into this one website. Every couple of days he will message me and say “Look at this!!!” and it will be another article from  I totally get why he loves the site. Think Buzzfeed but smarter. Or think Nylon but cooler.Brightside homepage eight.twelve.sixteen

2. Speaking of NYLON, Winona Ryder got the cover in for the September issue. And she looks better than ever. As a nineties kid, I grew up loving her movies. I also loved her weirdness….She epitomized that decade for me. Anyway, she’s 44 now (Whoa!) and gave a candid interview I am glad I happened upon. Read it. It is so good.

Nylon September cover

3. Breastmilk Jewelry:This week, milk has been on my mind. I wrote about it yesterday in this post. Where I didn’t expect milk to be was in the form of jewelry. Buzzfeed featured a story about a woman who wanted to thank her milk donor for helping her feed her baby when her milk dried up. It is a beautiful story, and the jewelry is equally beautiful! Check it out here.

You can buy these pieces from for $50-100.  Strange and beautiful!

mammasliquidlove photo
mammasliquidlove photo


4. I am the kind of person who peruses the Kickstarter website to see inspired people try to create something new. It just really gets me going. Sometimes you see them flop, other times I think “WOW, THAT IS AMAZING!” I had one of those this week. Business Insider covered the story as well, so you can read the piece here.Basically it’s the MYFITNESSPAL of the future. The device uses light to calculate the calories of the actual food sitting in front of you. Check out the video. I think it is SO COOOOOOL!

Kickstarter campaign5. Lastly, the Olympics in Rio are almost halfway over. The USA is currently in the lead for metals! A really cool thing! Social media has been buzzing with stories of medalists and controversies, as would be expected. I have especially liked this story. This year, announcers are being scrutinized for how they are characterizing and commenting on the female Olympians. Their marital status, body types, and outfits seem to be out-shining their athleticism and competitive aspirations. A reverse of that commentary is used to headline the story of Michael Phelps. It hit the mark.

Michael Phelps

Hope you enjoy your weekend!


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