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My brain has been all over the place this last week. Been thinking about traveling, getting back into shape, saving money, and investing in some really good winter gear while the prices are good.

Here are some of the coolest things I have seen this week:

  1. This portable booster. It is perfect for that family that likes to camp a lot, or for the family that travels by plane often. It’s compact, sturdy, and helpful for the baby or tot that just doesn’t want to sit still. Get it on Amazon for around 50 bucks.Portable booster
  2. I have been hearing from moms in my network about this awesome silicone pump. They say it is the best. I use a really common Madela pump and find it handy, but also tedius to clean and lug around. Moms swear by this. It’s coming my way next week, and I look forward to seeing how it does!Pump
  3. I come from the old-school boombox era. I remember taking my boombox with me camping and to college. We live in a different world now. I was having lunch with a friend this week when she pulled out this bad boy speaker.  The sound quality was awesome, and it just worked off of her iPhone. I literally couldn’t believe that it worked so well.
  4. Pinterest has been awesome this week! I have started to learn how to maximize it for my needs. I am sharing boards, finding whole new purposes, and really enjoying how this social media technology has been helping me plan a last-minute trip. Pin
  5. We are really lucky in Wisconsin to have a really cool music scene that the rest of the country is just starting to find. Bon Iver has risen out of North Woods obscurity to become an indie rocker’s household name. We also claim Baraboo’s Phox, with soul and sweetness for dazzzzzzzzzze. 88.9 RadioMilwaukee has done a good job trying to get the good stuff out there. It’s an awesome station that has been on point this summer with the jamz. You can listen on the fm radio dial, but also stream it online. The “playlist” feature is really great.  I love the stuff!Screenshot of 88.9 Radiomilwaukee PHOX

Hope you check it out!


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