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Five things to indulge in this week. I am sure that at least 4 of these is going to happen for me!

1. Giants Baseball. It is an even year… and you know what that means… the Giants are supposed to win the World Series. I love baseball for a lot of reasons, but one is that this current dream team is a lot of fun to watch. They seem to genuinely love playing baseball with each other and for their manager, Bruce Bochy. I hope they make it through to the end, I love ringing in autumn with them at my favorite bars in Milwaukee.

2. This shirt is my life. I haven’t slept for more than three hours in a stretch in more than a week. My baby is teething and uncomfortable. I wake to feed her and we are up for a half an hour every two to the hours. It is not sustainable. This shirt gives me the feelz.

3. I have  a few podcasts that get my mind off of work when I am getting through the day. I usually listen to them on my lunch break if I am going for a walk in the nice weather. This American Life and Serial have been my favorites for a few years. Radiolab is also fascinating and a podcast that I can talk to my husband about. One of the creaters of Radiolab has created a new one called More Perfect.  It is captivating, and like Radiolab, the production quality is excellent.

More perfect

4. Heather Christo has an awesome recipe on her blog  for grapefruit palomas.  I am definitely going to indulge this weekend. It feels like I deserve a drink after the week we have had!

Palomas from Heather Christo

5. Sleep. Unbroken. Restful. Sleep.


What are you keeping your eyes on this week? Any deals or steals? Anything you think you need want? Let me know!

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