five things

These are the five things I cannot stop thinking about this week:

  1. Eaux Claires Music Festival lineup :  This summer’s lineup is a mix of cool Wisconsin acts and bands from outside of our great state. If you are looking for some good music to listen to, just check them one out on Pandora. You won’t be sorry! ( PS: Check out Lucius here.)
  2. Mac ‘n Cheetos  :My friend came up to my desk this week and told me about all of the “great advancements in fast food innovation.” I wanted to laugh. Now I just want everyone I know to try these and tell me what they think!

    Mac n cheetos.PNG
    Image from
  3. Rectify :This is my favorite show on TV, and I am desperately awaiting its final season premiere. I have been spending the week re-watching last season so that I know what’s going on. If you haven’t seen it yet, GO ON NETFLIX RIGHT NOW AND GET YOUR BUTT IN GEAR!
  4. This oversized geometric scarf from ASOS : This thing is going for under $10 and is cute for anytime of year. LOVEASOS Sale Scarf- Geometric.PNG
  5. Canada: I know it might seem a little tacky, but this is a great holiday to spend hanging with the hip, friendly, and nice neighbor to the north.


Have a great weekend!

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