father’s day: time to appreciate my husband, too

I am so bad…at remembering birthdays and holidays. I make sure that my phone reminds me at least a week in advance after I have already bought the gift. I am just that bad.

Jay and I aren’t really gift people. We know this about each other, and we actually kind of like it that way. We have figured out ways to work around the stresses of gift-giving (or at least trying to get it perfect) by doing holidays a little different. For our anniversaries, we celebrate by planting a tree. We try to plant one in a place where we can see it often. They become “our trees” and we feel a sense of hope that they survive the cold Wisconsin winters.

For birthdays, I have it really good. Jay is excellent with his hands. He builds me things. He built me a bar for my birthday (just as we found out we were having Anouk) and this last year, a pretty little picnic table. He knows I don’t want stuff and instead gives me reminders of his love in furniture he has crafted. He is so good to me.11011471_10100647109670681_6448229053957971000_n


This past Father’s Day, Jay was on a trip. He totally slipped off of my radar. I packed a card from Anouk and I, along with a small gift. But it didn’t feel like enough. He is a great dad. He is a seriously great partner. And I know that I am one of the luckiest girls in the world to have him by my side.

I am so curious how other women show their appreciation for their men. I like to think that I am good to him in keeping up with his daily life, and encouraging him follow his passions and dreams. But today, as I look at the my husband, I am seeing that the gift he wants most is my love and respect, and that I can give that gift over and over. And I can give it freely. I have to try to think of that daily, and especially show it to our children so that Father’s Day is more special for all of us.

trust men and they will be true to you; treat them greatly and they will show themselves great. -Emerson



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