how to crash a wedding in 5 easy steps

You ever take a walk on a Saturday afternoon in summer and take notice of all of the wedding parties around taking pictures or heading over to a reception? What does that make you think of? Me too…. Today might be a good day to crash me a wedding!

A couple of years ago, Jay and I decided to check something off of our bucket list. Twice. We decided to  turn on Footloose to get in the groove, grab our dancing shoes and get all gussied up. We were going to go out on the town. We were going to be wedding crashers. I put on Footloose to psych myself out. Kevin Bacon really makes me want to dance. Actually, the guy he teaches how to dance…he makes me want to dance…. Anyway.getting ready for the wedding

What we learned is that it is not as easy as in the movies. We learned that it takes skill and gusto. One needs to be prepared. These are the 5 tips I have for crashing a wedding and not getting caught.

Make up a good story: Grab some whiskey and get creative. Milwaukee is a pretty big city. We knew we likely wouldn’t know anyone at the wedding. So we knew we would need a good story to pass. We became John and Emma Peterson. I became a teacher and Jay became a Computer something or other. He and I hailed from the great land of Minnesota and we knew the brides mom who is friends with Emma’s mom. College you ask? It didn’t come up, but we knew where we went, how we met. We had the story down to almost stupid detail. It helped our confidence, for sure. And we hoped the story was vague yet detailed enough to slide.

Scope out the wedding info: You should know where the wedding ceremony was. Heck, maybe you should even go to that! But you should know the time of the wedding and some very basic details about it. Check the reception signage. Talk to one of the people serving at the reception. They often know start times and other details pertinent to the event. It is inevitable that someone will comment on the beauty of the ceremony. It is nice to have at least one detail beyond “she looked so beautiful.” Try to figure out if there was a musician, or if the dad walked her down the aisle. People won’t suspect a thing.

Make sure to spot the whole wedding party and important family:This was my major blunder. Picture this: I am standing in line at the bar when I order a glass of wine. The bartender happened to need to open a new bottle. As I wait the couple of minutes, I realize that one of the groomsmen is standing right behind me waiting. At most weddings, the person in front of him would offer to get him his drink or at least step aside. I did not think fast enough. He suspected something when I just stood there…waiting for my wine….because I didn’t engage him. I froze. wedding 2

Learn from my mistake. Scope out the Mother of the Bride, Father, too. Find the groomsmen. The bride and bridesmaids are obvious. Take note of the tables. The ones closest to the wedding party are the ones to really scope out. Once you are able to recognize them, either engage, or playfully avoid them without drawing attention.

Get a lay of the land: Like I just said, try to get a good look at the people at the VIP tables, nearest to the bride and groom. BUT ALSO take note of the tables on the outskirts. THESE ARE YOUR PEOPLE. They likely are cousins, oddballs, maybe a college friend here or there. Try not to get cocky, just act interested. These people might be grateful to be meeting other “wedding guests” and might indulge you for a 3

Get to know the drink menu:This was Jay’s blunder. At the second wedding reception of the night, nearly 10 pm, we hit the bar. Jay approached the bartender and asked for a Spotted Cow. The bartender said “Are you sure? Miller products are free…” And Jay said, “I’ll have a Miller Lite.” This is when the groomsmen looked over and took note. What person would order that beer that far into the night not having realized that there were free kegs? Only a crasher….

While Jay was at the bar, I was on the other end taking shots with a group of men that seemed to be someone’s family. They seemed to be getting suspicious, too. Know what is being covered at the bar, know what is for dinner. Know what was for dinner if you skipped dinner. This is all easy info to get by just asking one of the servers at the hall. It will cover you… IT IS MUST KNOW 1

Relax. You got this. Jay was so nervous the whole night  he couldn’t have any fun at either wedding. I was more relaxed and took to the dance floor. I would absolutely do it again. It takes some guts, but above all, skill, and it is a total blast! Have you crashed a wedding? Have you crossed it off your bucket list?

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