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marvel and stare

a guide to B&B’s perfect for this fall

Marvel and Share!!!!!!Fall means a lot of things: chillier weather, brightly colored leaves, quaint strolls with your loved ones, football season, pumpkin everything, and bed and breakfasts . When I think of fall, I think of get-a-ways. Living in the Midwest, Jay and I have taken advantage of the fall in years past and tried […]

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5 ways to enjoy wisconsin in any season

Marvel and Share!!!!!!Wisconsin in a great place to call home. It’s certainly not a destination for many visitors, though tourism has been up the last couple of years. It is undeniable, IF people DO visit Wisconsin, they tend to really love it here. Wisconsin love can be seen all over the place as look as […]

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Dublin with baby

dublin in 3 days with a baby: traveling as a family

Marvel and Share!!!!!!When Jay and I (and our baby) arrived in Dublin, we had been on a seven hour red-eye flight from Chicago. We took off at around 5 pm Chicago time, and landed at 7 am local time. Tired we were, but thrilled to have landed Europe in so little time! We were ready […]

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tips for taking baby on a plane

tips for taking baby on the plane

Marvel and Share!!!!!!I’m on a flight over Western Quebec on the way back home from Ireland currently. I cannot help but want to write about the experience on this plane in hopes that other families do it smarter and do it better. Here are some tips for taking a baby on a plane. As I […]

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imagining ireland

Marvel and Share!!!!!!Jay, Anouk, and I landed in Dublin, Ireland early this Saturday morning. Local time was just after seven. Our bodies felt like it was just after 1 am. It’s tough changing time zones, especially with a little baby. Once we landed, we got a hot Irish breakfast in our bellies and headed to […]

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wishlist: traveling mom

Marvel and Share!!!!!!Traveling with a baby is no easy task. When I tell people that I don’t hesitate to take my baby along for our trips they seem to freak out a bit. My baby isn’t the easiest, most laid-back baby in the world, either. We are trying to get her accustomed to new people […]

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