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wedding-dressThe last weeks of summer have come to a close and now we have officially hit fall. This means that we have another 6-9 months to prepare for the next wedding season. I have been married for long enough to no longer be newlyweds, but not long enough to forget how difficult the planning was. We opted for a big(ger) wedding as opposed to eloping. The wedding fails don’t sting like they used to, but hindsight has helped me realize where I could have saved a lot of money and energy.

Since my wedding, I have helped a good amount of friends with their weddings in small and large ways. I have tried to send along my best advice (see my post 5 tips for saving money on your wedding)  and have learned from their weddings too.

Today I just want to focus on the bridal look and how to save money without losing any of the glamour. You might recall that I mentioned that months after I was married, I realized that I could have bought my wedding gown online for nearly 700 dollars less than I bought it in the boutique. You can imagine how I was kicking myself. Because you have to do alterations anyway, why wouldn’t you buy a dress online? Since that realization, I have filled in my close girlfriends and when we have been shopping, I have been shopping the order number online. I keep ending up at this site (I am not affiliated in any way with them).  Here is proof that my dress was on discount!wedding dress

  1. The dress is easy. You just have to do two things: dress for your body type.This isn’t rocket science. Pinterest is great at helping with this, dress
  2. Show off your best features. Once you know what type of dress you should be looking at, you can think about what features you want to show off. Do you like your back? butt? shoulders? calves? Good. Show them off. Here is a cheat dress
  3. Now it is time to shop. Actually go to the store and try gowns on. I don’t love shopping. I feel strange having people waiting for me to try clothes on and then look at me. Because of this, I made the dress shopping as quick as I could. I don’t regret it, because I did learn a lot. When I went in to look, I thought I was going to want a vintage lace dress, but once it was on me, I realized that I didn’t look good in it. I opted for a bright white satin gown. I never would have known had I not tried on many different styles.
  4. Compare prices. I know that selling gowns is a business. I know that people are working on their commission, and that you have to respect that. Don’t waste people’s time. Let them help you. If you find exactly what you are looking for and you think the price is ok, go and get that dress! BUT know that you have options. When I bought my dress, I loved it, but needed extra accessories. I waited to buy those ad-ons online because in the boutique the prices were outrageous. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing. Comparing prices helps you really know what you are in for and what you are willing to spend or save.
  5. Check onlineA lot of times you can get the exact same dress online as you would have gotten in a boutique. Here are some beautiful gowns that would make a girl glow on her day. All of these dresses I saw at actual boutiques and referenced with the selection online. They cost between 500 and 800 USD less here than they did at the boutique. You simply can google the name of the designer and the dress model number.

1 Dress 1 

2 Dress 2

3 Dress 3

4 Dress 4

Hopefully you found these tips helpful. Let me know if you have any wedding #tips of #fails. I would love to hear from you!

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