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I grew up on H&M. It was one of my favorite stores before it became so accessible in the USA. I remember going to New York City and thinking “I GOTTA LOAD UP ON THIS STUFF BEFORE I GET BACK TO WISCO!” Then we got it. It still does it for me, though the quality has gone down a lot in the last 10 years.  I have looked all over the internet to get good deals. Most clothing you can find on Pinterest or in your Facebook feed will send you to some supply chain store in China that goes by the name of Romwe or Sammydress. These clothes’ quality is always represented in the price. You get what you pay for.

Here is a list of cool websites that aren’t based in the USA. They aren’t Chinese either. They are just really cool stores that new technology and the “flatness” of our  world can now afford us.

Australia has a really cool site called Ezibuy. You can buy for Men, Women, Kids, and  home goods. The style is on point, and the price is really great. I tend to shop the sale sections of websites, and have found great deals on their knitwear and shoes. The quality is really nice for the price, and they aren’t too fashion forward. They are just right. OH! And they ship to the USA .

No matter where you go , it seems like Carters has cornered the market on baby clothes. In South America, babies are just like the kids I see in Milwaukee. It blows me away. There is a cute site out of Germany that makes the CUTEST baby clothes. It’s called The site is in German, and I don’t know what it says… but I know it nails the baby style. Cute is cute, in German or not. I dare you to go on the site and not get lost on it for an hour… I dare you…Also, their non-clothes are really cool, too. Just check it out!

CaptureSo as I mentioned before, I have always been a fan of H&M. It’s for that reason that I now like their sister site & Other Stories. Just like H&M, it is out of Sweden and features fashion forward looks. The price point is a little higher, but the looks and quality are better than my old go-to. They ship to the US and have really easy returns. Check them out!

England is the land of Top Shop. Many women in the US already know about the easy-to-access stores and sites that England has to offer. I am a fan of 2 sites, I’ve bookmarked them for when I have a little extra cash to invest in a good blazer or heels. Check them out.

The first one is Glamorous. Just go there. Seriously. But not without your wallet handy. It is so so so so good. For the basic staples like t’s, blazers, blouses, this place is cute and fun and easy to shop. The prices are awesome, and they have really nice cuts for women with body shapes that aren’t like models. They rock. I tend toward the fashion forward with modesty. They nail it. Capture Glamorous


I am always trying to figure out how to buy shoes that I like that aren’t a million dollars. I found out that England has all the shoes. Missguided has all the shoes, more specifically. I have jeans, coats, shoes, and just recently, I found out they do wedding looks, too. Check them out NOW.  NOW. Oh, AND THEY SHIP FREE!

Capture Missguided
Now I can “Angelina Jolie” from the comfort of my own home…


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