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I’m Emily Joy, a wife, working-mom, urban dweller & traveler. I started this blog to share my tips, travels, and small bits of life that I find are noteworthy. My ultimate goal with MarvelandStare is to spread happiness through the simple experiences in my in life. My husband Jay encourages me to chase my dreams, while my little Anouk keeps me grounded.

motherhood and hot yoga: first deep breath in a year

It’s been a long time since I have been able to take good care of myself. 12 months after baby, I am starting to feel good.

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style at your fingertips; jamberry comes though

As a working mom, I don’t have time or a ton of energy to waste. Jamberry to the rescue!

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wedding splurge: 6 reasons you should consider a videographer

Marvel and Share!!!!!!When my husband and I were planning our wedding, we tried to nail down “our essentials.” We wanted to err on the side of tradition with most of our decisions. He and I are both pretty old-school: We love time with family, friends, and a good party. BUT we didn’t want to blow […]

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clothes for nursing; what you need and what you can skip!

I was shocked to see how much money I was racking up in my “cart” when I thought about buying nursing clothes.

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first birthday

1st birthday- planning a party you won’t forget

A few cute ideas for a baby’s first birthday party! Make it something worth remembering.

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before you book a flight to travel abroad, you must read this…

Marvel and Share!!!!!!Again, my mind is wandering. I can’t go more than a month after I travel without getting the serious itch to leave. In this world, it is pretty easy to nosedive into the sprawling internet to see places far and wide. But nothing comes close to actually going. Have you ever traveled only […]

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