Author: mkemle

I’m Emily Joy, a wife, working-mom, urban dweller & traveler. I started this blog to share my tips, travels, and small bits of life that I find are noteworthy. My ultimate goal with MarvelandStare is to spread happiness through the simple experiences in my in life. My husband Jay encourages me to chase my dreams, while my little Anouk keeps me grounded.
baby number two

i always liked the number two

Going from one kid to two feels like a giant leap. Millions of moms do it. But there is something spectacular about the anticipation.

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new year for new resolutions

Every year has been a year where resolutions have come to mind but never reality. 2017 is different.

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winter blues

season of sadness, managing SAD and motherhood

Seasonal depression and motherhood; my take on this time of the year.

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Christmas cookies

top 6 classic christmas cookies

Assorted christmas cookie boxes used to be all the rage. They still can be with these quick easy recipes.

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gift guide

gift guide for the people we love

Christmas lists include buying Christmas gifts. Here is a foolproof guide for getting gifts for those you love.

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back from a brief haitus

The last two weeks have been uncertain in America. There are real consequences of elections. I just believe the consequences have an opportunity to be positive.

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