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I love New Orleans. I love it like I love pizza, jammies, wine, and Rectify. I love New Orleans like I love that cute pink dress that fits just right. I love New Orleans like my high school  crush  mixed with my husband, mixed with Ryan Gosling. I just love it. It’s new, it’s old, it’s cute, it’s dirty, it’s fun, and it’s so so so what is it about New Orleans?

I am from a town that drinks before noon religiously. I am not kidding. It’s called Brunch, and people who love it seem to be more devout that my church going comrades. (It can be 3 times a week) In this town, we know how to party, we are the BREW CITY, after all!

New Orleans definitely isn’t great because of the party, we have that…

I went on a trip  not long ago with a really good friend, Brooke. This is what we came up with, and it was perfection. But the key to that city is to let it lead you in the dance. Going with an absolute itinerary might hamper the fun. Just let it dance your heels into the ground….


 Juan’s Flying Burrito I think I have been to every location of the local restaurant. Yep, all 3. Their take on Mexican is playful and fun. And each location is a good feel for the neighborhood it is in. The first one I went to was off of Canal St. The people are nice, the hipsters are hip, and the food is HUGE AND DELICIOUS. Margaritas are cheap and tasty. This is my kind of joint. i liked it so much i bought the t-shirt.

Juans Flying Burrito Shirt


Chef John Besh is known across the country for his Louisiana flavor.This incarnation of his restaurant group showcases the simple flavors in the region. Brooke and I went into the restaurant for a quick drink at happy hour, but ended up making a friend at the bar named Nat. A NO born-doctor living in the DC area, he showed us that Oysters Rockafeller can’t be beat, and you MUST MUST get the bourbon bread pudding. It was a good taste of the higher end but didn’t lose personality.


Cafe du Monde.PNG


The Big Easy is known for its Jazz Music. You can find it all over. We stopped over at the Spotted Cat on Frenchman St. The music was great, the company equally good. This is a great spot for a night of hearty drinking and people watching.

The Spotted Cat

For the Visual Arts, head across town. Ogden Museum of Southern Art has pieces you know and love as well as ones that are sure to surprise you. We happened to catch a really cool show when we were in town that still hasn’t left my memory!

Ogden MuseumOgden Museumexhibit at Ogden MuseumOgden Museum

On a whim, headed out of the Spotted Cat, we happened to catch a night market. The market was a cultural paradigm, showing the “pop-up” nature and ingenious people around the neighborhood.


THE CITY  itself is important to appreciate. The architecture is beautiful. Everywhere you look, especially up, or around the corner, you are bound to see something beautiful. The people, the places, and the energy are sensational.

New Orleans back patiothe light in new orleans

THE CEMETERIES make New Oreans special. Because the city is below sea level, cemeteries are above ground. They are old, and they have been through a lot. It is a beautiful thing to stroll through the neighborhoods and see a cemetery that is equally somber and elegant.

new Orleans

Whatever you do, lose your watch, or phone, or sense of time. New Orleans doesn’t seem to know the concept. AND IT IS WONDERFUL. Take the trolley on Canal, wait at a bus stop on Magazine, check out a show at the Spotted Cat, or head over the WW2 Museum, but please, don’t worry that you won’t get it all in. You can’t. Just plan on going back… and soon!


There is more difference in the quality of our pleasures than in the amount. -Emerson


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