5 ways to enjoy wisconsin in any season

Wisconsin in a great place to call home. It’s certainly not a destination for many visitors, though tourism has been up the last couple of years. It is undeniable, IF people DO visit Wisconsin, they tend to really love it here.

Wisconsin love can be seen all over the place as look as you keep your eyes open. You find tattoos, t-shirts, bumper stickers, and home decor all showing off Wisconsin pride. And it’s most definitely not sarcastic. WE LOVE WISCO!

Here is a brief, though NOT COMPREHENSIVE LIST on just why Wisconsin is our home.

  1. We love the breweries and pub crawls. Milwaukee is our nation’s “Brew City” and Wisconsin is a premiere craft beer destination. We know how to drink, and we know how to teach you about drinks. You can tour breweries, visit beer classes, do pub crawls or play beer bingo just about any day of the week in any season. We have our favorites, and certainly, our tourists try to pack some to take home. You can tour Miller, Milwaukee’s macro-brewery, or one of the smaller ones. You can certainly find beer in every corner of the state. Here are some of the most beloved and noteworthy:

Sprecher, Lakefront, Milwaukee Brewing Company, Central Waters Brewing Co, Stevens Point Brewery, Ale Asylum, Minhas, O’So, 3 Sheeps, and Enlightened Brewing Co.

Enjoy Wisconsin at O'so Brewery

Here is a great map of the State and our micro-breweries.

Pub Crawls are a big deal, too. Usually advertised on Facebook or other social pages, all kinds of people dress up, or dress down (underwear bike ride?) to enjoy a few brews. Santa pub crawls in winter are an absolute blast and not to be missed.

Enjoy Wisconsin on a Santa Pub Crawl


2. Speaking of brews. Let’s talk Milwaukee Brewers. We don’t take our brew history for granted! When you swing into Milwaukee, you will likely drive past our favorite team’s stadium, Miller Park. WE LOVE OUR BASEBALL HERE. It’s my opinion that it is the only place when our otherwise racially segregated city of Milwaukee all gets together under one roof. And I love it for that reason. Young or old, black or white, rich or poor, Miller Park welcomes you. You can find really great deals if you look. Mondays have $6 seats, there are “dollar dog days” and kids are 50% off during day games during the week. The food is plentiful, the Brewers usually have us hoping, and the atmosphere is really nice. The great American past-time is still alive and well in Wisconsin.

Enjoy Wisconsin from Miller Park at a Brewers Game


3. Wisconsin has some really cool music venues. Milwaukee hosts in some spectacular buildings and along our lakefront. Summertime = Summerfest to us Wisconsinites, but when that’s not happening, I like to check out acts at our Pabst, Riverside, and Turner Hall. These historic venues showcase some major acts as well as up and comers. You can find “10 buck shows” that budget getting out and seeing new acts in old places. Check them out at www.pabsttheatre.org.  Outdoor stages, like Alpine Valley, and the newer Eaux Claires festival, showcase both the environment, the culture, and the music. It is a great way to take in famous Wisconsin acts, as well!Enjoy Wisconsin at a Lucius show in the Pabst Theatre

4. Speaking of outdoors. Wisconsin is the place to explore during all four seasons. Our State Parks are exceptional, and the whole state becomes new with a every season. Holy Hill is a beautiful landmark in any season to enjoy a hike or take in the scenery from the tower. You can take a hike and happen upon a piece of history you never expected. In Wisconsin, it’s about lacing up your boots, putting on a warm coat and enjoying the forest. On the other hand, it’s putting on your running shoes and heading up the Oak Leaf Trail!


5. The Good Food: I can go on and on about what makes Wisconsin so special. Food is really crucial. We don’t have to spend a lot here to get excellent food. From the cheese curd to the butter burger, or from farm-to-table to fine dining, we honestly nail it. One way to really dig in is to watch a popular show about our dining culture called Wisconsin Foodie. Host, Kyle Cherek, takes you from popular farms to orchards, to pubs, to fairs, to five-star eateries. It is an excellent way to get your foot into our “foodie” door.

A couple of  must visits are:

The Norske Nook, Osseo, WI- Known for their pies. They have been featured on cooking and travel channels and have won too many awards to mention here.

Here is a guide to the Fish Fry. It is a Friday Wisconsin tradition. It is not to be missed.

The Wisconsin State Fair features foods beloved to us, Wisconsinites. You will find the traditional cheese curds and cream puffs, as well as the latest food inventions.

And remember, every neighborhood has something to offer. In my corner of the state, I enjoy Odd Duck, Transfer Pizza, and Conejitos.

Enjoy Wisconsin at the Norske Nook


I hope you feel like getting out there and exploring. Whether it’s booking at trip to visit our state, or getting to see a new brewery in your neighborhood for the locals. Wisconsin pride runs deep.


Disclaimer: I have not mentioned the Packers. I love them. They love us. WE LOVE OUR PACK. There are a million resources on how to enjoy the Nation’s most beloved NFL team. You could certainly head up to the Packer Backer’s Mecca, Green Bay for an entire weekend of fun. I certainly think you should! Check out www.packers.com for news and events!


On Wisconsin!

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