Day: July 1, 2016

july 4 style- get your baby on fleek this holiday weekend

Marvel and Share!!!!!!  Some people are planners. Some people look forward to holidays because they have the cutest outfit already picked out.  Some people are just good at adulting. I have never been one of those. BUT hey! Sometimes it pays off big. As you may know, the Fourth of July weekend in the States […]

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pregnancy: how to stay fit while growing a baby

Marvel and Share!!!!!!Pregnancy is not all peaches and cream. You can ask anyone who knows me, I pretty much hated being awake for the first 15 weeks. I had nausea all day, hated being cooped up (because it was winter), felt tired, and couldn’t stay awake later than 7:30pm for the life of me. I’m […]

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wishlist: bridal shower, registering like a boss

Marvel and Share!!!!!!Bridal showers are getting real cray, I hear. I talk to my friends in their early twenties about whats going on, and they are all “had to go buy my friend underwear for her bachelorette party last night…ugh” and I’m all “What in the H are you talking about?” and then they are […]

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five things

Marvel and Share!!!!!!These are the five things I cannot stop thinking about this week: Eaux Claires Music Festival lineup :  This summer’s lineup is a mix of cool Wisconsin acts and bands from outside of our great state. If you are looking for some good music to listen to, just check them one out on […]

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